What Shall I Wear to BML16 ?

In my post about going to #BML16 I stated that I would probably grab something out of the clean washing or from Neva or Xene’s wardrobe, but this weekend I have decided that I shall treat myself to something new.

Cue a quick look online to find something suitable and that will arrive in time!

If i’m totally honest, I am not happy with my size and shape, since being at work I obviously do a lot more sitting down at my desk or in the car, instead of running around after little ones, so I am probably the heaviest I have been in a long time, so I know that the size of clothes that I buy will only be required for a short amount of time ( I hope!) not sure there is a diet out there that will make me lose the weight I want within a week, so I don’t want to spend a fortune on an outfit, therefore the websites that I have been looking at are ones with great looking fashion, but not too expensive on the pocket!

As the weather is quite changeable at the moment, its hard to decide what to wear, I have decided on a maxi dress, mainly because I have two super comfy pair of sandals that will look great with a dress and I am not confident to show my legs off, so it will have to be maxi!

paisley dress tk maxxI love the colours of this Paisley Maxi Dress from TK Maxx the only downside is that it doesn’t come in an exact size it is either Small or Medium, luckily there is a store less that 10 minutes away from where we live, so at least I can go and try it on before making a decision.

maxi crepe dress esprit The different neckline caught my eye on this Crepe Maxi dress from Esprit it has two pearl buttons and an elasticated waist, it also has small splits up the side so if I feel the need to climb up the steps two at a time on the way from the station I can!

maxi dress new lookI love this orange tile print maxi dress from New Look, which also has splits at the side, but it is shown on a 5ft 8″ model, so I fear it may be too long, which is a shame as I do love the pattern, I guess I could get it and see if my eldest daughter could work her magic on her sewing machine! We could do that in a few days right ?

maxi dress georgeThis tropical print from George is gorgeous, and it has great reviews, including one that says it hides all your flaws, so this one sounds like a winner.

I LOVE all of these and with such reasonable prices, would it be wrong of me to get all four, I mean even if I do lose the weight, it won’t be for a while and I have a daughter who is a whizz with the sewing machine so i’m sure she could adjust them if needed ?

Are you a fellow blogger attending BML16, what will you be wearing ?

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