Schleich Dragon Knights Review

Since Xene was given two Schleich animals for her first birthday, fourteen years ago, our household has been keen Schleich fans. I also love that Schleich is in Schwabisch Gmund, which is the twin town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire where I grew up and also where I spent a couple of exchange programmes, whilst at school.

So, when we were given the opportunity to review their new range of Knights, I knew this would be perfect for at least three of the children, although I have to say I have seen all of the children pick them up and pretend play with their siblings, which is always a good sign!

This is what Schleich have to say about their new range :

Schleich are bringing a whole new concept of knights to the market this year. Rather than the clichéd battle against good & evil, powerful dragon knights will be throwing the gauntlet down to the wise order of griffins. Shimmering armour, flowing capes, fearsome expressions, the new band of knights lining up for action from July 2013 look suitably ferocious. 

And here they are in action…

Tyrus was very keen to get them out of the packet!
Tyrus waiting for his brother to come home
Tyrus and Kaide battle stations
Our verdict:
As usual, fantastic quality and craftsmanship from the Schleich people, the Knights have all of their correct body detail, the horse is sturdy and even Tyrus aged 2 can place the Knight on the horse without any trouble.
There are no sharp edges making them a perfect play piece for the younger children too.
The extra large footplate on the Knights means that they are able to stand on almost any surface and the boys don’t get frustrated because they fall over.
There is lots of scope for pretend play and all of the children have enjoyed playing with them, as well as daddy too.
If you are looking for a good, sturdy Knights playset that will last a long time, then these boys are definitely for you. There are more to collect in the series and of course the Griffens too.
It kept them amused for hours!

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