Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine Review

With a family of 9, you can imagine the amount of washing we have per week, so whenever there is mention of a new appliance for the kitchen or utility room, I get rather excited, and this occasion was no exception!

Mumsnet asked us if we would like to give the Samsung QuickDrive Washing machine a go, I got extremely excited, not only do I LOVE new kitchen products, but this one has an extra door, for all those stray items of random washing that you find halfway down the stairs AFTER the wash has started!! It’s always a black sock that has escaped when you are on the last dark load of the day, but from now on that won’t be a problem, simply open the small dobby door (as the children have named it) and pop it in to be reunited with its friend, hopefully, although if yours is anything like mine I have an entire basket full of odd socks!!

Here is what they have to say about the wonder machine

Top features:

– QuickWash delivers top cleaning performance fast

– ecobubble technology makes your detergent work harder

– AddWash door lets you add in forgotten items

– Bubble soak delivers effective stain removal

– Smart control lets you control the cycle from your smartphone


With QuickDrive technology, washing times are reduced by up to 50% with the Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machines. By creating a fast flow of water that covers the entire drum, detergent penetrates deeper into fabrics for a thorough wash.

ecobubble technology

Designed to make your detergent work harder at lower temperatures, ecobubble technology mixes air, water, and detergent to create bubbles and deliver brilliant cleaning results. It’s better for the environment and your bills.


A small opening in the main door, the AddWash compartment lets you quickly drop in anything extra during the cycle when it’s below 50C. This means you can add in stray socks, extra softener, or a hand-washed garment for a final rinse.

Bubble soak

Ideal for baby clothes, cottons, and synthetics, you can add a 30 minute bubble soak to any program. By allowing ecobubbles to soak into fabrics, tough stains are loosened for brilliant cleaning every time.

Smart control

The machines has built-in WiFi so you can pair it with the app on your iOS or Android device for control from anywhere. It offers features such as Laundry Recipe, where you select the fabric, colour and soil of the load, and the HomeCare Wizard which provides an overview of energy usage.

That all sounds great, but how did it REALLY do, when faced with a family of nine ?

Well, if I am totally honest the only thing I was apprehensive about was the size, this one is a 9kg, my previous was a 13kg, so I had visions of taking twice as long to do the daily washing, but I am very pleased to report that because of the vast amount of brilliant wash cycles available, I can vary the length of the washes meaning I actually spend less time washing than I ever have!

The Addwash is certainly a wonderful addition, but the game changer for me is the eco drum clean, every washing machine I have had has got really grubby and the rubber starts to go off colour, mainly due to the amount of rugby kits I wash over the years, but after every 40 washes, this lovely machine reminds me to give it a good old clean, empty the machine and pop it on the eco drum clean and it makes the washing machine sparkly and clean, just like new, brilliant!

The machine was easy to set up and came supplied with the correct tool to undo all the bolts that held the drum in place, it had bits of tape on everything that opened to avoid it moving during transit, it fixed easily to the cold water feed and is a standard size, so it slotted into the space in the utility room easily.

We had a Samsung washing machine previously, so had already used an app for operating the machine, but this one definitely feels like the next step up in terms of integrated technology, now all I need is a program that will actually load the machine for you!

This machine also has a lovely little tune to let you know when the wash has finished, or you’ve left the door open, or the dog has pushed the add wash door in!! At first I thought that I would silence the tune, but actually I have decided to keep it on, with such a busy household, that lovely little tune reminds me that its time to hang out the laundry.

I would definitely recommend this machine to households with a larger than average family, its great to know that it has low energy usage, and numerous washing options, as well as temperature choices, extra wash options, and the cleaning mode, we would give the machine 10/10.

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Having a large family, finding a washing machine that is up to the job is essential, click through to find out if the Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine is the one for you

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