Road Trip Challenge Off To Windy castle

Money Supermarket are offering a fantastic Road Trip Challenge They will give you £50 of petrol to take the family out on a trip.

Many of the posts I had seen said about taking the family to the seaside, but we are very lucky and only live five minutes from a lovely sandy beach, so we decided to take a trip out to the Countryside. To visit the Market Town of Bungay, on the Norfolk/Suffolk Border. The weather was hot and sunny as we departed, having packed all the kids in the car. 

Only five minutes into the journey and we began to hear thunder and then lighting as we drove through the Broads.

The Sky began to change colour as we crossed the bridge at St Olaves

 As we drove through the broads the sky changed colour and the clouds began to turn dark, then the thunder started, much to the amusement of the children. Then Fork lightning in rapid succession before finally the rain arrived, with a full downpour.

Rain on the river Waveney at Beccles 

 We choose the back road through Beccles, and the town which is usually busy in the School holdays had people rushing for cover away from the rain.

Unusually empty streets in Beccles

 If the rain had not been so heavy we would have stopped in Beccles, but decided to avoid getting all the children soaked.

Beccles Clock Tower, but is that a sign of the sun returning.

 We drove up and past Beccles Tower which standing 97 feet is a real landmark of the Waveney Valley

15th Century Town House in Beccles

 Beccles really is a Traditional Market town sitting on the banks of the river Waveney with some really old buildings, but today this was not our destination we were off to Bungay 8 miles to the west.

Open fields and quite country back roads 

 The old road Between Beecles and Bungay, is a quite journey through perfect suffolk countryside, by the time we reached Bungay, the sun was shining.

Bungay Castle 

 We parked easily and made our way to Bungay Castle, in the centre of Town, the children had some time to play football on the castle medow, and wonder around the castle grounds. 

Sunshine and Ice Cream – Perfect

After visiting the castle, we went for and ice Cream in the Castle Cafe, The sun was shining and a nice way to finish our day out.

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