How to Revamp Your Living Room and Make the Space Light and Airy

As Spring approaches, many of us start to consider the possibility of a new look for both ourselves and the spaces we live in. The prospect of warmer weather and more light is a real inspiration and calls for a look that reflects that. Here are some tips on how to revamp your living room and make the space light and airy.

Serious Spring Cleaning

As with any revamping project, preparing your living room for Spring and making it look light and airy starts with decluttering the space and some serious Spring cleaning. This will mean the room will be a whole lot fresher before you even start the revamp, plus if you decide to splash a bit of paint around, you’ll have well prepared surfaces on which to do so.

Once you have your blank canvas, the real fun begins.

Dressing the Windows

Stylish curtains, like the range available from Direct Blinds, can really lift a space. Choosing curtains that will help the room benefit from as much natural light as possible in the daytime and offer privacy during the evening is key to your success.

Another factor that is well worth bearing in mind, along with the weight and texture, is the length of the curtains. Some rooms look best with floor length curtains, period properties for example, while others suit shorter cuts.  For Spring, a lighter weight curtain will assist in achieving the airy feel you are looking for.

Drapes and Throws

Keeping fabrics light in colour and light in weight throughout the living space is paramount and that includes drapes and throws. These can be used to bring a lighter feel to furniture such as sofas and armchairs.

Colour Accents

While, generally speaking, sticking to light colours will provide a light and airy feel to the living room, a splash of colour here and there will bring about some vibrancy and dynamics to the space – just as daffodils do to a Spring garden. Yellow, pink and other colours of spring bring a little of the outside inside and of course, you can also do this literally with flowers.

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are delicate, scented and graceful. Whether picked freshly from the garden or bought as a treat from a florist, Spring flowers such as Tulips or Narcissus can add a whole new dimension to a room and one that can be changed week to week depending on your mood.

Spring flowers are the perfect final addition to your light and airy Spring living room.

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