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Towards the end of last year, we desperately needed a new roof, I had absolutely no idea how much this would cost, so I looked online to find any information and looked for somewhere that could give me a quote on the roof, I dutifully filled out my requirements and heard nothing back, thankfully our neighbour had a couple of local telephone numbers and my father in law recommended someone he had used previously, I always say that it is never easy to get anything done in Norfolk!

But now, if I ever need any other type of professional, or a particular service,  there is a fabulous website called Bidvine, it is so simple to use, you type in what service you are looking for, your price range and the area you live and it emails back with any suitable responses.

When you first click on the website you need to sign up, either to request bids or to join as a professional, it was very quick and simple to do, as you can see here.

bidvine sign up

Then you are ready to make your requests, I chose family photography

bidvine request

You are emailed confirmation and then you wait…

I had replies quite quickly with their price and what they can offer.

Here is a quick video to tell you exactly what to do

So, if you are looking for a particular professional or service, definitely check this out, you won’t be bombarded with constant reminders and follow ups and you will get a very personal reply with the option to discuss it further with the ones that reply.

You can find Bidvine on Facebook, twitter , Instagram Google + and Pinterest

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