Regular car servicing and maintenance

Your car is a valuable investment and you should therefore take great care of it. The best way of doing this is by taking it for regular service and maintenance. Below are some benefits of regular car servicing and maintenance:

– Your safety and the safety of other road users increase.
– It performs better and is more reliable.
– It retains its beauty, value, and is easy to resell.
– It runs efficiently, thus reducing the running costs.
– It can handle all weather conditions including severe winters and hot summers.

During car service and maintenance schedule, all parts of the car are checked by a qualified technician. If faults are identified, they are repaired. Worn out parts are replaced with new ones. It is important to give special attention to the following during car service and maintenance:


Ensuring that the tyres are suitable and ready to handle all kinds of weather including severe winters is very important. Tyres literally carry your car and are therefore vital. They require regular service and maintenance so that they can perform optimally. At the time of service, their pressure is checked to ensure that it is just right. The tyre tread is also checked and worn out tyres are replaced. Tyre rotation and wheel alignment are also done to ensure that the steering and suspension are in great condition. When your tyres are regularly serviced and maintained, you are assured of safety, fuel economy, and a comfortable ride.


The car battery is also very important as it is the one that starts the engine. Cold winter weather and hot conditions can severely affect your battery. That is why it is important to ensure that your battery is in tip-top condition at all times. A battery that is not well maintained or one that is too old could lead to a flat battery. This can inconvenience you in many ways or even get you stranded in the middle of nowhere during the winter storm. Ensure that your battery is in good condition and if it is old, have it replaced for your own safety and security.

MOT testing

It is advisable to take your car for MOT testing before or during winter. This is a compulsory test that is carried out yearly on cars that are aged above three years. During the test, the car undergoes a number of safety checks such as emissions, tyres, lights, etc. This test is carried out at approved MOT garages. If the car passes the test, you are issued with a certificate to show that it is roadworthy. A car that has passed the MOT test can handle all types of weather including severe winter conditions.

It is advisable for UK drivers to service and maintain their cars regularly so that the number of accidents that occur on our roads due to negligence can be reduced. A car that is well maintained also gives you satisfaction and peace of mind. You can visit. The professional staff at Ossett Tyre House provides car servicing in Dewsbury like none other. Get a free quote for your car servicing by calling them today.

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