Ravensburger James Rizzi 1000pc Puzzle Review

I have been very fortunate to become part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club which means I get to actually sit down and complete a puzzle.

This is my first puzzle that I have been sent to review, when I sat down to begin, it felt very nostalgic, I can remember sitting with my nan as a young child, she always used to have a puzzle on the go, and when I went to visit, I would help her to fit the pieces.

This jigsaw is a 1000 piece puzzle by James Rizzi, depicting Times Square.

I have found there are two types of puzzle people, the random, put pieces together type – definitely my husband and the organised, split into outside and inner, which applies to me!!

The first thing I noticed was how well made the pieces are, they are very strong and not at all flimsy, meaning the puzzle fits together very easily, each piece is individual, so there is no mixing up where pieces go. I sorted all of the outer edge first and assembled that, the actual fitting together of the outer edge and the border was quite easy for this puzzle as there were distinct areas that could be grouped together.

Once this was achieved I then had to set to work on the people and the buildings!! Which wasn’t as easy, the older children would walk past and find another piece that fitted, so it really was a joint effort.

The entire puzzle took us about four evenings, once the youngest children had gone to bed, I really enjoyed this bright, vibrant puzzle and I am looking forward to the next puzzle to review, I have definitley rekindled my love of jigsaw puzzles, so thank you Ravensburger xxx

If you are looking for jigsaw puzzles designed by independent artists there are some great ones around.



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