Puddle Jumper – The Perfect Swimmming Aid

New Sevylor Puddle Jumpers offer fun and safety in the water for your child.
Puddle Jumper, an innovative new swimming aid from water-recreation equipment expert Sevylor. Perfect for the pool and at the beach, the Puddle Jumper has a super-stable design that helps to keep your child’s head out of the water. Offering the same level of security only normally gained from wearing a life jacket, Puddle Jumpers are perfect for boosting your little swimmer’s confidence.
Featuring a soft, no-chaff cover that is ultra-comfortable for your child to wear, the Puddle Jumper’s design allows for their natural movement in the water, offering greater freedom and meaning children can swim and explore with maximum confidence. The four bright colours, each with its own cute animal design mean that unlike other swimming aids your child will want to wear a Puddle Jumper. Available in four rainbow colours, your child can choose from four different animal friends; a penguin, turtle, crab or a bumble bee. Each Puddle Jumper is quick-drying, reducing the risk of uncomfortable rubbing against your child’s skin.
Puddle Jumpers have a durable construction and are fully adjustable for greater parental security. Fastened using a single buckle at the rear; strapping your child into a Puddle Jumper is quick and stress-free. No more struggling with an unhappy child at the water’s edge, instead you can relax and enjoy yourself too.

We were sent a Puddle Jumper for Kaide to try out, at aged five, he is very confident in the water, but has not yet mastered the art of actual swimming. 
We had tried a Rubber Ring, but Kaide had struggled to kick his legs and move his arms, because it was quite restricting.
Next we used normal armbands, but they kept his arms afloat, but his chest kept dropping.
When he put the PuddleJumper on, he seemed to take on a new found confidence, he was jumping into the Pool, but landing more on his chest, which enabled him to take up the natural swimming position.
The PuddleJumper was very easy to put on, and because of the material it is made out of, he could put it on his arms, whether they were wet or dry, which was always an impossible task with Arm Bands, I can remember with the older children having to wet their arms first, to enable the Arm Bands to be put on.
Another positive to the Puddle Jumper is that it did not leave any marks when it was removed, many times with other swimming aids, we would remove them to find either scratches or red marks where they had rubbed. There was none of this with the Puddle Jumper.
He loved the colour and the Crab on the front, which meant I had no issues with him putting it on.
I would definitely recommend the Puddle Jumper to anyone who is looking to build up their child’s confidence in the water.

The only problem we had was that he became so confident with the Puddle Jumper on, he was too over confident when he entered the swimming pool in the garden and he realised he wasn’t wearing it!!
This will definitely be used for the next two children, whom i’m sure will love it just as much as Kaide has.

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