The Pros and Cons of Becoming an Instagram Mom: Effectively Balancing Pride in Your Lifestyle and Privacy

With the rise of social media, we often find ourselves feeling familiar with complete strangers, whether they are celebrities or your standard working person. Just a few years ago, the majority of people tended to be a whole lot more private and limited the amount of personal information they put out into the world. But nowadays, you can often be familiar with someone’s interests, family members, closest friends, pets, recent vacations, places that they frequent and a whole host of other information just by scrolling through their Instagram feed. Some people use Facebook newsfeed like a journal and others will offer a constant view into their stream of consciousness through Twitter. As of late, the term Instagram Mom has been thrown around left, right and center, with well-established brands such as Vogue advocating mom’s sharing their lifestyle online. This worldwide renowned influencer of hundreds of thousands of individuals’ lifestyles is bound to have a knock-on effect on people’s decisions, and the so-called Instagram mom has become an increasingly common entity online. But just before you start setting up your new family-based profile, you need to consider a few things. Is this a positive or negative thing for you and your family? Stick with us as weigh up the pros and cons of being an Insta-mom and exemplify the best ways to balance your pride in your lifestyle and your personal privacy.

What Is an Instagram Mom?

In short, the Instagram mom isn’t all too different from any other Instagram user. However, rather than posting a stream of selfies, party snaps, and travel posts, they will often center the theme of their image stream around their personal lifestyle, which will often incorporate their children alongside snaps of their home, job, pets and all of the other usual things. It’s essentially an idealized slideshow of family life.

What Can I Post?

Well, if you’re considering joining the ranks of social media users, you’re gonna want a well-curated feed. You can post almost anything, so use this opportunity to get creative! Fill your wardrobe with beautiful items of clothing and take snaps of yourself in your favorite items. This is such a simple kind of post that will have people turning to your for style inspiration. Think about it, you can shop dresses for women from Anthony’s and as soon as it arrives show your stunning purchase off to the online world. Upload images of particularly impressive meals you’ve put together for your family. Add a scenic shot if the landscape is particularly pretty when you take your dog for a walk in the park. Whatever makes you smile, or pleases your eye will have a secure place in your feed.

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What are the Pros?

So, what do you get out of it? Well, it’s always nice to be admired by others. There’s always a strong sense of acceptance that comes hand in hand with likes on an image. Followers will often look up to the Insta-mom, envying the idyllic family life that she presents to the world. You also get to show off your greatest achievements. We’re all proud of our little ones and want to show them and their achievements off to the world around us. We also want to show our home, hobbies, and other aspects of our life off in the most positive way possible. Our insta feed can also keep close, loved ones up to date with the daily occurrences in our lives.

What are the Cons?

Well, first of all, you need to remember that you cannot compare yourself to others online. Nobody shares the less appealing aspects of their lives. When’s the last time you saw someone upload a photo of a mess their pet has made in their home, their child refusing to go to sleep when they have school early the next day, an argument with their partner or a below par lunch flung together in the midst of morning chaos? You also need to avoid the pressure to post regularly. You don’t want to force experiences for the sake of others’ appreciation online. Sometimes you’ll have a very normal week with nothing too stand-out to report on. You should also be careful with personal information. Scour your pictures for any indicators of your exact location, bank details, credit cards or other things that could be used to your disadvantage. You should also be wary of the types of images you post of your little ones, as you don’t want them to ever be under any threat. Avoid adding images of them in their school uniforms (so strangers don’t know where they study), or outside certain buildings such as their nursery. Alternatively, you can completely protect your privacy by setting your profile to private and only accepting people you know onto it.

As long as you are safe and sensible with your personal information, becoming an Insta mom can be a rewarding experience. It grants you the opportunity to share your interests, passions and loves with the wider world. Your feed can also act as a kind of journal, giving you something to look back on through the years.

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