Project 366 Week 2 Days 10-16.

Week 2 has been one of lots of the family feeling yuck!

Project 366 10-12

10 – Maths Monkey – Sunday I spent most of the day at the hospital an hours drive away. My mum had a ‘simple’ operation that didn’t go according to plan and ended up with two lots of anaesthetic and operating twice! With all the stress and worry, my dad came down with bronchitis, so I kept mum company for the day. When I arrived she was having a blood transfusion, I though about photographing the blood, but changed my mind! When I returned home Eowyn reminded me that we hadn’t written about our exploits with Maths Monkey, its amazing what you can come up with in ten minutes!

11- Taking Care of The Babies – Last Friday Tyrus had an assessment by the speech therapist in school, she wanted us to encourage him to join in pretend play, so I was very happy when I came home from work and found this!

12 – Too Poorly for Preschool – Today Viggo was due to start preschool, however his body thought otherwise, he was awake from midnight until 5am with a raging temperature and then slept most of the day (whilst I had to go to work!)

Project 366 13-16

13 – University Interview – Today I took Xene to Nottingham for her first university interview, I took this photo whilst I was sat waiting for her, she was in the next room being interviewed and discussing her portfolio.

14 – Broken Gate and Fence – This morning I took the two big ones to High school and next door was having a delivery, no idea what happened in the 20 minutes I was out of the house, but I came back to find ours and the neighbour on the other side fence and gate had been broken by the large delivery truck! They were very apologetic but it now means we can’t shut the front gate and have to wait for the insurers to get it fixed!

15 – No More Curls – Lochlan finally decided that he would like to have all his curls chopped, I think the man at the pantomime calling him Harry Styles and being mistaken for his grandmother were the turning points! I will hopefully get a pic of him next week with the new do!

16 – Snow At last ! – Well not really snow, more hail and ice, but it made the garden look pretty, I also found Eowyn and her friend trying to sledge down the icy slide, as there wasn’t enough snow in the garden….

Hope your week was a good one x
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  1. What a stressful start of the week, I hope your Mum is better now. I like boys with long hair, and mine have theirs pretty long. We didn’t get any snow, just a bit of frost on the ground, but not any proper snow


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