Project 366 – Time to Leap In!

So a new year begins, I have started the photo a day project in 2014 and failed in February and then in 2015, it stopped about March, so this year I am hoping to go the whole year, especially as Xene is planning to fly the nest, I need to capture the entire family as much as I can!

So, here we go, days 1-9

Project 366 1-3

#1 Happy New Year – This was taken at 2 minutes past midnight, as you can see all seven children were still wide awake, although Viggo wasn’t keen on sitting still!

#2 A Trip to Lound Lakes – It was very chilly but Tyrus decided that he would take off his socks and wellies and refuse to put them back on, which resulted in a ride on my shoulders.

#3 Beach Day – Eowyn wrote her name in the sand, however it was absolutely freezing so we didn’t last long, just long enough to blow the cobwebs away.

Project 366 4-6

#4 PS4 Day – My first day back at work, but all the children had a PD Day, so they spent a big chunk of it having a Star Wars Battlefront battle, on the new PS4!

#5 Tyrus burning off some energy – Tyrus does not go to bed early, he is uynable to switch off, so we keep him active but it doesn’t make a lot of difference think it was still 2am bedtime!

#6 Lightsabre Battle – The two eldest girls had great fun re-enacting the Force Awakens

Project 366 7-9

#7 Birds Flying Over -As I was making the morning cups of tea, I heard this lot flying over the house, didn’t come out that great as it was so miserable and grey.

#8 Migraine strikes Again – Neva has been suffering badly with migraines, so it was a study at home day today.

#9 Bit of a shock – Asa was drilling some holes to hang some of the children’s pictures, he had checked that there were no sockets nearby and the wall even had a screw directly underneath, but a split drill piece, blown circuit, hole straight through the cableĀ and a shock told us otherwise! thankfully he was OK, but I did require a rather messy repair…

So here we go the first week over, hope you have all had a good week xx


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  1. Having a bit of a catch up, so a very late Happy New Year to you! None of us made it to midnight… LOve the shot Eowyn on the beach and oh no to the shock! Hope he was okay (and that the repair wasn’t too messy!) x


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