Project 365 Weeks 6 and 7

So, last week was just too hectic and before I knew it, the day was Tuesday and I had completely forgotten to post, and with less than an hour to go for this weeks linky, it will be short and sweet!!

32 -38


Day 32 – Today their cousin Oriah visited, she is two weeks younger than Viggo and was slightly obsessed with the chickens!!!

Day 33 – Eowyn has worked out that if she gets herself all ready for school including her coat, she has plenty of time to finish her game on the kindle!!

Day 34 – Who needs toys when you have a large cardboard box! Even better put your toy farm inside the box…

Day 35 – Tyrus and Viggo love to sit together and watch their latest favourite programme Wallykazam

Day 36 – Viggo makes the most of time at home by himself, with a little quad bike ride on the patio

Day 37 – Kaide has also worked out that if he gets ready quickly, there is just enough time to have a quick game on the ipad

Day 38 – Viggo having an afternoon nap in his pram.



Day 39 – Viggo loves to `play’ on the X Box, fortunately I remove the batteries when the older children are at school!

Day 40 – Tyrus seems to find the top of the sofa quite comfortable

Day 41 – Eowyn had to have a picture of `nature’ to take to school, which involved us climbing under the tree and taking the phot from the bottom up!!

Day 42 – Eowyn is now at the age where she can join in with the bigger kids on Just dance, Katy Perry being her favourite.

Day 43 – Xene and Tyrus having a hug, although Tyrus doesn’t like looking at the camera!

Day 44- Tyrus does love bubbles!!

Day 45 – Neva loves being outdoors, most days when she comes home from school she gets changed and heads straight out to the garden.


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  • Elaine Livingstone

    February 17, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    heading out to the garden sounds good to me. Getting ready for school and then playing is my kind of compromise, saves a lot of repeating – get dressed, will you please get dresses, come on hurry up or we will be late etc.
    The just dance is getting a lot of concentration.

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    February 19, 2015 at 2:52 am

    My boys do the getting ready so that they can have a last game too 🙂 Love the bubbles shot and the one looking up into the tree.

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