#Project 365 Days 60-66



60 – Viggo decided that his spoon just wasn’t big enough and insisted on pinching a large wooden spoon!

61 – Tyrus was struck down with the same virus.

62 – Eowyn chillaxing whilst eating a bag of crisps (a rare moment of her sitting still and not cartwheeling)



63 – Viggo needs to make sure he gets every last morsel of his dinner!

64 – World Book day, Xene rustled up a Belle Costume in less than five minutes.

65 – Today we placed 36 Pekin eggs into the incubator, fingers crossed they should be hatching just as the children break up for Easter and a few days before my birthday (these are my birthday presents!)

66- Today we placed 12 Sizzle/Frizzle Silkie eggs into the smaller incubator, i’m hoping for a bearded blue Silkie.



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