#Project 365 Days 53 – 59

Week 9 already!



53 – Viggo loves to sweep, and with Tyrus constantly making a mess, its probably a good thing he is learning early.

54 – Tyrus loves his puzzles, he has now moved on to a 120 piece Little Mermaid Puzzle, which he does with ease.

55 – Viggo thought he would try to help Neva with her homework, unfortunately she didn’t agree!



56 – I can’t help feeling that Tyrus is begining to lead Viggo astray, I found them both tipping out Cheerios into a bowl and then eating them like a dog!

57 – Tyrus has discovered words, he loves using the fridge magnets to make the words he has learnt.

58 – Viggo has been struck down with the awful virus going around, he spent most of the day sleeping.

59 – I left Tyrus alone for less than five minutes, realised he was very quite and found that he had tipped the entire box of Icing sugar all over himself and the kitchen floor, cupborads, drawers…

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