Project 365 2017 Weeks 13 – 16

April 29, 2017Mandi Morrison

I’ve finally worked it out! Each year it’s been about this time that I have given up, Asa stops playing rugby so we are out more at the weekend, then we have the chaos of Mothers Day, Easter and all the birthdays and I have so much to catch up on, I give up, well, not this year! So, Here I have for you 4 weeks, yes 28 photos of The Morrisons (if I can work out the right order!)

And next week I will have two weeks, because I still need to add in this weeks!!

Day 85 – Mothers Day

The older children now get a shop bought card for me, but my favourites are still the ones they make at school and preschool, I have a large box that I have kept them in each year, it’s lovely to look back at them all.

Day 86 – Oil Tank Removal

The new greenhouse is arriving tomorrow, and it needs to be sited where the old oil tank was, so we moved the tank down onto the driveway, although i’m not sure where it’s going next!

Day 87 – Greenhouse arrival

The greenhouse arrived whilst I was on the school run and Asa and Xene spent most of the day building it, so it is ready for my birthday on Thursday, I am not allowed to see it until then! The chickens took advantage of all the digging and a little bit of sunshine..

Day 88 – Business Meeting at a local Zoo

Today Asa and I had a meeting at a lovely place, this is when I totally love my job, certainly beats sitting in an office!

Day 89 – Turning 41!

It’s My Birthday! Today Neva and Lochlan broke up from school and college, the younger ones have another day, so we didn’t do that much, we had a lovely Chinese Takeaway for Tea, it’s amazing how much more we now have to order, now the children are bigger! In fact the lady in the shop gave me the order in a cardboard box as there was that much!

Day 90 – Strawberry Plants get moved.

Today was a gardening day, before all of the little ones break up for Easter, so Neva and I moved all of the strawberry plants that had been out the front of the house, into a lovely new bed in front of the greenhouse (currently being painted by Asa) We had so many that had seeded that we had to overflow into a pot, in fact my parents came round and said I should start my own Pick Your Own site!

Day 91 First Day of The Holidays!

The Children bought me lots of  packets of tomato pepper and Chilli seeds for my birthday, so we had a major planting session today.

Day 92  Picnic Time

The children adore going for a picnic to Burgh Castle Roman Fort, it is a short drive from our house, there is space for the children to run around and you look out onto the Norfolk Broads.

Day 93 Magic Kaide

Kaide received a Jamie Raven Card Magic set to review, here he is checking out the secret videos, that you can only access with a secret password. He sat there for ages taking it all in, and the tricks are amazing, I have no idea how he does any of them!

Day 94  – A Trip to Thorpe Park

Last week we were invited to be Thorpe Park Ambassadors for the second year, so of course the children wanted to visit as soon as possible! Here is Kaide and Eowyn dabbing whilst Xene, Lochlan and I went on Swarm, that you can see in the background, most of the UK had not broken up yet, so it was very quiet and we didn’t have to queue longer than 5 minutes for any of the rides.

Day 95  – Drayton Manor visit

After our Thorpe Park trip, we travelled to Tamworth and stayed at a Travel Lodge, ready for a day at Drayton Manor, again the park was very quiet, which meant that we didn’t have to queue. Kaide was very impressed that he is finally big enough to go on the upside down rides, here he is with Xene and Lochlan! We had a lovely day, it is the first time we have visited and we will definitely be returning.

Day 96 Bowling Anyone ?

One of the advantages of living near the seaside, is that there is always something to do, here we are playing a game of bowling, this is Viggo’s face when he is waiting to see how many pins he knocked down

Day 97 – Tyrus and Pringles!

Tyrus doesn’t like many foods, mainly to do with his sensory issues, but one thing he does love is Salted Pringles in the red tube. He has them in sets of four and they cannot be broken, here he is running after his brothers and sisters, still with them in his hand!

Day 98 Eowyns selfie saves the day

I was panicking tonight as I hadn’t taken any photos, but I needn’t have worried, because Eowyn had filled up my phone with lots of selfies!

Day 99 Burger Press

Asa and Kaide went and did an emergency shop, I forget just how much these children eat during the school holidays! On their return I was presented with this! A burger press, because obviously I have so much time on my hands, that I can whip up a fresh batch of delicious burgers… ”m hoping that’s their way of saying they are going to do the cooking more often!

Day 100 – Dance Off

Lochlan and Xene both say they are the best at Dancing, so they had a dance off to prove who is the best, it was quite even, but Lochlan was finally declared the winner, which was a bit harsh as Xene had just been to a 3 hour dance rehearsal for her show!

Day 101 Theatre trip to see Sunny Afternoon

Neva and I went along to the theatre to see The Kinks Musical Sunny Afternoon, even though it was set in the 1960s, Neva and I were singing along and knew quite a few, the atmosphere was brilliant and everyone was on their feet for the finale.

Day 102  Rail Adventure

Today we went on a Rail Adventure with Greater Anglia Trains, all nine of us on a train, followed by a cinema trip, the big four plus Asa to Power Rangers and I took the three youngest to Peppa Pig, they had a great time, a rare photo with me actually in it!

Day 103 Neva’s 14th  Birthday

Today we celebrated Neva’s 14th Birthday, she was born at 11pm, after only just getting the hospital on time. I had told the midwife on the phone how quick the contractions were coming, but she told me it didn’t sound like proper labour and to stay at home a few more hours, I am so glad I ignored her! Sometimes you just know…

Day 104  Honk!

Xene has been working very hard this week, with 5 performances of Honk, the musical adaptation of The Ugly Duckling, it was fantastic!

Day 105  Asa’s Birthday

This year Asa’s birthday was a bit strange as Xene had a matinee show and an evening one, so we were limited on what we could do, luckily the theatre is right on the seafront and next to the arcades!

Day 106 Happy Easter

The children love an easter egg hunt, I think, probably more than the eggs themselves! This year Tyrus and Viggo really got involved, they both put their back packs on to collect all of their small eggs and then got a little stuck when they found a couple of big ones! They still have lots left now!

Day 107  Babe The Sheep Pig

Another theatre trip, Neva, Kaide, Eowyn and I went along to see Babe The Sheep Pig, if it comes to a theatre near you I would definitely recommend taking the children along to see it.

Day 108 Happy 17th Birthday Lochi

Today we celebrated Lochlan’s 17th birthday,  we had cake later in the day as he was back at college today, although he didn’t have to be in until 11.30am and the others had an inset day.

Day 109  Everyone back in school.

This was Tyrus just before we left for school, if you have been following, you will know that he really hasn’t been a great fan of school this year, but I am feeling hopeful that this term will be better as he now knows all of the routines and what is expected, but, probably the same as last year he will finally enjoy it and then it will be the summer holidays and we will be back to square one!

Day 110 Viggo is missing the Guys!

Viggo has had such a lovely time with all his brothers and sisters during the holidays, that when they go back, he is totally lost, it’s not too bad at the moment because Xene is here quite a bit, but it won’t be like that in September, he is a very happy but Cheeky little boy!

Day 111 The wonders of modern technology!

Lochlan has grown out of all of his shorts, so he asked me to look for some when I went shopping, but if i’m honest i’m never sure if he will like the things I choose, so I knew it was lunch break at college, so a simple facebook message with a picture of the shorts and I had an answer straight away that they were both fine!

Day 112 Num Noms Time!

Eowyn was very pleased with the post today! Viggo was just as pleased when he realised there were stamps in there and he and Eowyn could have a stamping good time, turning their hands (and anything else they could get hold of!) yellow.

And there we go, four weeks in one, with two weeks next week, I must try and get into the habit of posting a picture into the post each day and then it would just be a case of publishing on Saturday!


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  • Fee

    April 29, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    OK that is a lot of photos! Where to start! I love the selfish saving the day and I always love that you get photos of all the kids together! Well done on still going with #365

  • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    April 30, 2017 at 6:40 am

    Well done on sticking with it, it’s tough at times for all of us I think. Hope you all enjoyed your birthdays and that you are now enjoying your greenhouse. We’re off to Drayton Manor next weekend, hope it’s quiet then. #365

  • Sarah MumofThree World

    April 30, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Wow, so many birthdays! Your new greenhouse looks fab and I love the photo of all of the kids ready for their Easter egg hunt. My sons are very fussy about shorts too! They always say they don’t want any, then they will wear them one day in June and not take them off again until October.

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