Project 365 2017 Week 4

This week has been a LONG week! Anyone else agree ?

Everyone seems to be full of cold, and non stop sneezing and coughing, roll on the warmer weather!

Day 22 Bee Happy!













Xene was sent this cushion as part of her’ Transition to Uni’ feature that will be starting on the blog soon, she loves it, and it might help to cheer everyone up whilst the weather is so miserable, although this is the original photo, so it will certainly need some editing!

Day 23 I Don’t Feel Well!

DSC_0038 (2)

















On Monday morning Tyrus was burning up and Viggo didn’t look great, so we had the two little ones at home for the day, they really are the best of buddies now, which is amazing considering Tyrus blanked Viggo for the first 18 months of his life! Here’s a quick snap of them both sneaking up to the big boys bedroom to have a go on Little Big Planet!

Day 24 Uni Interview Prep

xenes bootxenes boot finished

Next week Xene has two of her university interviews, they are for  Theatre and Film Production, so this week she has been putting the finishing touches to  some of the costumes she has been working on, including changing the bottom of these boots from white to black!

Day 25 Some PRs ARE Amazing!


Asa was contacted on Big Family Little Adventures email to enquire if he would be interested in review anything from Pen Heaven website, he replied that we were doing a Transition to Uni feature on Hex Mum Plus 1, and the lovely PR sent these, not only are the products AMAZING, but she had a journal personalised for Xene and she had a Parker Pen inscribed for me too. The full review will feature shortly!

Day 26 You’ve Got To Love Technology!

kaide note

Kaide was very excited that he had been chosen for the basketball tournament, but I had to return the slip to school to confirm he can take part, typically today we were very late and it got left on the side (along with his three homework books), he was desperate not to miss out, so I spoke with the teacher to assure her he had done his homework and was I able to send a photo of the consent slip and his completed homework, via their class dojo system, sometimes technology is great, and it saved me an extra car journey backwards and forwards to school AND Kaide didn’t get into trouble for not completing his homework!

Day 27 Fresh Fruit and Veg

veg box

Last Saturday (although I forgot to mention it) I had been looking at our local butchers facebook page (they don’t even bother with websites now) and they had some amazing deals on, our entire family loves Roast Dinners and Stews, I was getting a bit fed up with paying extortionate prices at the supermarket for very little, especially with the amount of people we have to feed, so I ordered enough meat to feed an army, and he replied saying It will be delivered tonight at 5, how about that for service! Which made me look at other locally sourced produce and I found a local Fruit and Veg supplier, although their large box is for 5, so we ordered 2, (the photo is just one of them!) and they arrived today! It also comes with some recipe cards and free herbs, I can’t wait to try them all!

Day 28 – Party, Party, Party!


Today Lochi has gone off to his friends birthday get together, then later today Eowyn is off to a birthday Party at the Gymnastics Club, whilst Asa is playing rugby, when he returns it will then be time for him to pick up Eowyn whilst Neva and I head off for a last minute review of Swan Lake performed by the Siberian Ballet, it’s never quiet in our house! Next week travelling the country for University Interviews…

9 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Week 4”

  1. Yep! It has been a long week! We’re all full of cold here too…Ugh!
    What a cute cushion….It does look so cheerful.
    That fruit and veg box looks fantastic….
    Have a fab time at the Ballet & good luck with the University Interviews x

  2. Ah, university visiting remember it well, my twin girls are in their final year but seem to spend more time at home than at uni, presumably so I can do their washing for them. Love the fruit and veg box, anything to get out of supermarket shopping 🙂

  3. oh I thought this week had gone by fast!
    I love the look of your veg b ox – such good value too I bet. great to get your meat, fruit and veg locally.
    great boots with the colour change and I hope her interview goes well.. and what a fab PR going that extra mile for you and your son xx

  4. I hope your little ones are feeling better now. It must feel very exciting and scary to be preparing for uni. We’re just preparing for 6th form here and it feels like time is flying by! Love the big box of veg! Sadly in our house there’s only really me that likes veg. Even my husband will try to avoid eating it if he gets the chance!

  5. it can be hectic when you have more than one child with afternoon clubs/out of school activities/weekend events, the juggling is a nightmare so well done for fitting it all in.
    My eldest 2 girls never got on either as youngsters so it is nice when they tolerate each other and share some time together.


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