Princess Recorder Review

At my children’s primary school, they begin to learn to play the recorder from the very start, in reception. I have now had four children learn to play the recorder and I have to say they are all quite good.

Each time a new one begins in reception we go through the same routine, they all want a different colour so that they can recognise theirs at school, but they also do not want the same as their brothers or sisters have had.

Our house does now resemble a recorder shop. Eowyn will be starting school next September and she has already shown an interest in playing the recorder, I think, because there are so many in the house!!

When we were given the opportunity to review the Princess or Pirate Recorder from Music for Kids, we decided to try the Princess, that way Eowyn would already be prepared for school and hopefully learn a little between now and next september.

The most musical of the family so far is Neva, she can often be found playing on the piano or practicing the cornet, although she is about to swap that for a Trumpet.
She has become quite good at playing the recorder, so she was also keen to test the Princess one.

Neva playing Hot Cross Buns
Eowyn feeling very pleased with herself

When we received the box, it had so much more that just the usual recorder, it came with a drawstring bag and cleaning rod. a themed finger chart and starting to play tips.
The bit that Eowyn liked the most was the 60 stickers, which have been located randomly around the house as well as on the recorder. It also comes with a starting to play tutor book and an accompanying CD. It really is the complete package.

Its hard work this making music!!

I think the sets are an excellent resource for any child wanting to learn the recorder, and if you are in the same situation as me, you have no choice but to get used to the sound of a recorder being played over and over again!!
The main advantage of this one is that it can be personalised, so easy to pick out of a tray with 32 recorders in, with a RRP of £9.99 I think this represents great value for money and long may the tooting continue….(now where did I put those ear defenders!!)

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