Pregnancy Diary Week 22

This week we had our 22 week check with the midwife. My doctor’s surgery appontments are only on Friday mornings, which would mean I would have to take two litle ones with me, which would be chaos, as it turns out this Friday I had all six at home ill, so that would have been a nightmare.
On Friday afternoons I give support at the Local Breastfeeding Baby Cafe, and at the same time they have a drop in antenatal clinic, it is run by the local community midwives, so it is nice to meet the entire team, each visit, hopefully one of them will be on duty when it is time for the birth.
Our 22 week check was pretty uneventful, my blood pressure was still low, hence the feeling slightly out of it on numerous occasions, but I am quite used to this as it has happened with each pregnancy.
I heard wiggly’s heartbeat, which was lovely to hear, although he kept jumping around so the midwife did ┬áhave to keep following him all over my tummy!
According to the books, wiggly is now 27cm long, he is certainly an active baby and I can feel him moving all the time, every time I pick up one of the other children he protests with a sharp kick!
My maternity jeans are getting a little snug, it may be time to move up a size and a few people have said “you can’t have long left!” err only another 18 weeks!!
I guess the more you have, the bigger you become…

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