Pregnancy Diary Week 16 Mum v Consultant

I am very behind writing these up, its not easy when all six children are home for the holidays! But peace has now returned and its time to catch up!!

Week 16 I had an appointment with the consultant at the hospital, although I had a home birth with Tyrus with no problems, because I have had lots of children I am classed as high risk for complications.

I wasn’t worried about the appointment as it was the same with Tyrus, we put an action plan in place and everything went brilliantly.

After waiting for 90 minutes to be seen, I was met with a very different response to last time.
For some reason I had been given a different consultant to the last 6 births and they do not share the same views about home births….

In fact, I would say he was completely anti and said in no uncertain terms that they would not allow me to have a homebirth, even when I explained that I was happy to have a managed third stage and have medication on standby in case of bleeding.

I left the appointment feeling very disappointed, I have never viewed pregnancy as an illness and thought it was a woman’s choice where she gave birth.

A few hours later I felt quite angry, after sitting there for 90 minutes to come out feeling rubbish was not a nice feeling.

They have booked me another appointment for 32 weeks, although I am unsure if I will attend or what difference it will make. I have spoken with the community midwives and they are fully supportive of me having a homebirth, so I guess I shall just have to wait and see how the pregnancy progresses, if everything is OK at 36 weeks the midwife will speak to the consultant and see what compromises can be reached !

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you deal with it ?

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  1. I seen a consultant as my first was a section and the one piece of advice my midwife gave me was to not be swayed by what they say they can give ‘advice’ but any decision is yours to be made and make sure you are happy with whatever gets decided xx


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