Pregnancy Diary – Week 14

So, I have decided to keep a pregnancy diary as I have been hopeless at recording things with the other children, thank goodness for blogging!!

According to the pregnancy books ‘wiggly’ is now 8-9cm long – half the size of a Banana… The fingerprints have now developed, how amazing is that!!

I may start to become forgetful, haha thats funny, I have been forgetful for the last 15 years, in fact, ever since I fell pregnant with Xene I feel like I have been in a pregnancy fog!

Apparently my bump isn’t supposed to be very noticeable yet, well after already having six babies, I can definitely tell you the bump is most definitely there.

I have started to feel a little less sick and have managed a few cups of tea in the past week, something I have not drunk for the last 10 weeks.

I am hoping that the second trimester pregnancy bloom will kick in shortly (please, please).
I have an appointment with the consultant on 19th march to discuss the possibility of having a homebirth, this is my preferred choice as my homebirth with Tyrus was amazing, I know they become more worried, the more children you have but I already have my strategies in place to help me achieve another successful home delivery, so fingers crossed they will agree.
I am also being a case study for one of the mums at school who is undertaking her midwifery qualification, so I have my own personal birthing coach which is fabulous.

My 20 week scan is booked for 24th April, just after the easter holidays, so I am guessing the next six weeks will fly by.

I was thinking of posting a picture of my bump, but to be quite honest it doesn’t look all that inspiring yet!!

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  1. Almost in the honeymoon of the pregnancy? Enjoy it if you can. Reaching your blog through social fabric and happy to learn about a new blog in our community


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