Powerpuff Girls Storymaker System Dine and Dash

When Xene, now aged 18 was small she used to LOVE Powerpuff Girls and we would sit for hours watching Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup fighting crime and wearing cute, funky outfits, so I was looking forward to Eowyn learning all about Xenes favourite superheroes!

We were sent the Dine and Dash set, along with  a smaller Bubbles and Donny The Unicorn set.

The first thing we noticed was that it was super easy packaging, no fiddly twists and clips and no batteries either, hooray!

The instructions were very straight forward and Eowyn aged 8 managed to set up almost the entire set, only requiring a little bit of assistance to click the pieces into place.


She had great fun hitting the burger and knocking down the baddies!

She also loved the little figures, which are the same size as the ones in the larger playset, meaning she can play with both toys together, which she has been spending quite a lot of time doing!

You can purchase the Dine and Dash set from Amazon priced at less that £18 which I think is great value, her two younger brothers have also had a great time, knocking over the bad guys. It’s quick and easy to set it back up for the next round of kicking the baddies butts! (Eowyn’s words, not mine!)

This is a great set for any Powerpuff Girl fan, young or old!

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