Portable DVD Player Review – Inspect A Gadget

We were given the opportunity to review a portable DVD player as part of the Money Supermarket Inspect-a-Gadget Campaign.

The Portable DVD player arrived very promptly and all of the children were very impressed. When we go on long journeys in the car, we connect up a two screen DVD player, however, since the family has increased and we have so many different aged children, it has become increasingly difficult to accommodate all of their needs.

This has certainly provided a great solution, it is extremely lightweight, with a great 7″ inch screen, it has the option to use headphones, so it now means that one of the older children can sit and watch a slightly more suitable film by themselves in peace!!

Priced at £49.99, I think that this is excellent value for money and it has certainly increased the amount of peace and quiet we have on our long car journeys!

However, it is not just used in our house for long car journeys, as it is so lightweight and portable, it has come in very handy for keeping the little ones amused whilst I am busy doing chores, although I do need to update their children’s collection of DVDs, there is only so many times I can listen to the Timmy Time theme tune!! The remote control is great, as it means I can have the controls within easy reach, without having two demanding children yelling “Mum, Its gone off”


This is a perfect piece of equipment for holiday journeys, or visiting relatives, but just as useful around the house. It has a two hour battery charge, but if you require longer, there is a plug adapter and a car charger, meaning that you never run the battery down, the only thing I did purchase was a double adapter for the car so that we can charge this DVD player and the double screen one at the same time.
I would certainly recommend this to families with children that take long trips, it has certainly kept me sane!!

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