Pop Up Playhouse Review

As you can imagine, with six children, play space is quite limited, although we are fortunate enough to have a huge garden, it doesn’t get used that much in the winter.

Although we have six children, they are all inidviduals, therefore I don’t think it is fair that they miss out on playing with certain large toys, just because there are more of them than the usual family, so I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to review a Cardboard Pop Up Playhouse, it sounded perfect.

A playhouse for Eowyn to practice her Role Playing skills, without the hassle of a large cumbersome Playhouse to take up lots of room.

Cardboard PopUp House is a fantastic idea, it takes just 10 seconds to erect and it can be taken up and down as required. It is also very educational with numbers and letters on the walls.

The children had great fun colouring in the roof . Eowyn and Neva insisted on putting some Tinsel on it and hanging the stocking Eowyn had made at Preschool.

Once the children had finished school, we had a family project to turn it into a Christmas House …

As you can see, it is a very roomy house and they had great fun playing in it over the school holidays, and once the Christmas Season has finished, the wrapping paper can be removed and it is back to a playhouse, and even better, it can be folded away when not in use, a truly inspired idea, and one I shall definitely be telling Eowyns Preschool about, who have a space issue, but the children love playing shops and houses.
For more information visit http://popuphouse.co.uk/ they have some great choices and all environmentally friendly.

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