Polo Shirts – A Fashion Staple that Works for the Entire Family

When you have a big family, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone properly clothed. Each member of the family has their own personality. So, they definitely do not want to dress the same. But, you are working with a tight budget, so the designer brands are out.

So, when it comes to choosing clothes you have to pretty careful. Some clothes work, while others are a big no-no. Top of the “we love them” list is polo shirts. As you will see, when you read on, they are great for everyone. This range of polo shirts from Jacamo covers all of the bases. They sell everything from designer brands like Ralph Lauren to cheap multi-packs for everyday use.

Polo shirts for sports nuts

At this stage in the article, I could get sidetracked and tell you all about the history of the polo shirt. The good news is I am not going to do that. But, if you do want to know, you can click here. It is actually quite interesting.

The thing is that the polo shirts that we wear today started life as sporting attire. A fact that means they are actually a great option for the sports-mad members of the family. Whether they like running around in the park playing football or playing tennis a polo shirt will be ideal.

The fabric that they are made out of is designed to let the air circulate. They may look quite thick, but in reality, a cotton one keeps you surprisingly cool. The small collar does not get in the way and the short-sleeves, which are usually elasticated stay in place even when you play racket sports.

Polo shirts for the smart casual look

If you have been invited to a semi-informal event, dressing the youngest members of the family in polo shirts is an option. They are formal enough not to be seen as a t-shirt, but not as stuffy as a dress shirt. So, most kids do not mind wearing them. Plus, they look quite smart when paired with a pair of chinos or similar lightweight trousers.

In some situations, older members of the family can also get away with wearing them to something like an outdoor anniversary dinner. Worn with a blazer and trousers they look really smart. Later, in the day, when it is warmer and the atmosphere is more relaxed the jacket can be removed and hung over the back of a chair.

Designer polo shirts

Designer polo shirts are far more affordable than designer trainers, jeans and dress shirts. So, if you do have a member of the family who does like to wear designer clothes, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt could be a viable gift for them.

Why polo shirts are perfect for family holidays

The other reason I like polo shirts is that they rarely need ironing. When you’ve got a big family you do your best to avoid creating a mountain of clothes that need to be ironed. So, persuading everyone to wear polo shirts instead of cotton t-shirts as often as possible is a good idea.

Because they do not crease easily, they are also the perfect option for family holidays. This little tip has saved me hours of work and makes sure everyone looks good in the holiday photos. If you would like to read a few more of my packing tips you can do so by clicking here.



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