Phil Spencer gets your garden in shape

When we first looked at buying our house 10 years ago, the one thing that immediately sold it to us, was the garden, Asa had spent a couple of summers whilst at uni working with a landscape gardener, plus he adores being outdoors, fast forward to now and the garden has really started to take shape, and I attribute that entirely to Asa, apart from the vegetable patch, that is mine, although it has been neglected over the past few summers as I seem to have either been pregnant, taking care of a little one or just too busy, although 2017 is going to be a good growing year (I Hope!), if you are not as lucky as me to have someone who is knowledgeable about all things green, then, do not fear, the wonderful Phil Spencer has put together a very quick and simple video to tell you how to make the most of your garden.

I am pleased to see that most of the advice he gives, is already happening in our garden, although I think just by luck, not anything else!

We have three sheds, one for garden tools, the other for general maintenance stuff and the third one used to be where I stored all of the equipment for the business, but that is currently going through a change of use ( I keep threatening the teens I will move them in there if they don’t tidy their bedrooms!) The children also have a large play shed at the back of the garden, which doubles as a toy storage in the winter, and this year has been made very difficult by two different birds that decided to make nests amongst the bats and balls!

Is your garden ready for 2017, do you have any further advice to add ?

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