Peeka Puffs Go Exploring

Eowyn loves anything pink or purple and Tyrus loves anything soft and fluffy, so when these two arrived, it was the perfect combination!

The Peeka Puffs are soft and fluffy little characters that can hide their faces in their fuzzy fur and then make a ‘pop’ sound when they reappear.

To start with Eowyn kept trying to make them pop out by bouncing them on the floor, luckily they were far too fluffy to be popped and she soon worked out that you had to do it with your hands!

Tyrus loves the ‘pop’ sound it makes and the way their faces play peek a boo. They are also great for joining in hide and seek, so Eowyn, Tyrus and Viggo have been having great fun hiding them round the house and then making them ‘jump’ out on their older siblings…

Peeka Puff
Peeka Puff trying the pumpkin for size, X Men here we come!


Peeka puffs
Peeka puffs chilling on the gate in the winter sunshine
Peeka Puffs down on the Farm, Tractor anyone ?


Playing Hide and Seek from Eowyn and Tyrus

Our Thoughts:

The Peeka Puffs are very soft and fluffy and for Tyrus who has sensory issues, they are great as he loves to snuggle them up to his face, and it does give my hair a little rest as he usually rubs his face in my hair!

The hair is easily combed, although Eowyn aged 7 did struggle to ‘pop’ them in and out and had to ask her older siblings (or mum or dad) to do this for her, I am hoping it will get easier in time.

They are not very expensive, less than £10 available on Amazon and all good toy shops.

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