Parent To A Young Adult: Ways To Assist Them (Without Interfering!)

While you might still think of your kid as a baby, there comes a time when they reach young adulthood. And if you thought teenhood was stressful with raging hormones, it can be even more tricky when they become adults. After all, they have to stand on their two feet now. But they still require your support to ensure they make the best decisions in their life. Of course, you have to be careful to not interfere too much. After all, you don’t want to push your child away. But there are some ways you can ensure they have a great start to adulthood. In fact, here are some ways you can assist your young adult without interfering in their life.

Assist them when it comes to their uni decision

After sixth form, it’s time for your child to make the big decision about whether they want to find a job or go to university. And when it comes to making this choice, it can be challenging to not give your opinion. After all, you want your child to go to uni to ensure they have the best opportunities. But you need to remember it’s your kid’s life, so it has to be down to them to make the decision. Of course, you can assist them in the best way you can. For example, attending open days at potential universities can be of a great support to your young adult. You can give them advice about what you think of the lecturers and the course at the establishment. And with your advice, it can give your kid the help they need to make the decision. When it comes to university, make sure you let them choose the location. Of course, you don’t want your kid to move miles away from you and the rest of the family. But you need to remember it’s their life, so if their favourite university is miles away, you can have to let them make the decision. And even if they don’t want to go to uni, you need to just support them in that decision. Help them to pick a career that they want to go down instead. Be supportive, and you can help your child to make the right decision for their future!

Look into ways to get them on the property ladder

It’s harder than ever for young adults to make their way onto the property ladder. After all, house prices are constantly rising. And the deposit that is needed to secure the mortgage can be high. Therefore, it means that young people now have to rent for longer. But as you know, renting tends to mean thousands of pounds is wasted. After all, it’s going straight into the landlord’s pocket. And your kid has nothing to show for it at the end of their letting term. Therefore, if you want to support your young adult, you should help them to get onto the property ladder. After all, it’s helping them to be financially secure for their future. You could buy them a property if you have the funds. Or you could give them a significant amount of money which they can use for their deposit for the house. They should then be able to hunt down a good mortgage to enable them to buy a property. And remember you will need to assist them when it comes to the rest of the house buying process. For example, you might want to look at first time buyer solicitor prices to find one which is reasonable for your youngster. And you ought to look into surveyors who can go to look at the property. Remember that while you might be helping to fund the property, it should still be your child’s decision. After all, it’s the house or flat they are going to live in for the next few years. Therefore, check the structure and give your opinion. But ultimately let your young adult decide which humble abode they would like to live in for years to come! That way, you might get an invite every once in awhile!

Treat them like an adult

It’s so easy to treat your young adult like a child. After all, it can be hard to accept they have grown up. And for a lot of young people, they let their parents baby them. After all, it’s easier for them to still have someone doing their washing and cooking for them! But the best thing you can do for your young adult is make sure you treat them like an adult. Make sure they do their share if they are still living at home. That way, it will help them to learn to be independent. After all, you want your young adult to be a well-rounded individual. And they are not going to be like that if you still treat them like a kid. If they are earning money, it’s also a good idea to take board from them. After all, it will show them what’s it like to pay rent and bills. And it can help to make them more responsible. It will also ensure they are careful with their money. After all, it’s so easy for young people to waste their money on clothes and nights out with their friends! And make sure that you treat your youngster like an adult by respecting their privacy and trusting them. After all, they are more likely to show you the same respect back if you do this.

Help them to get on the road

It’s always a good idea to encourage your young adult to get on the road sooner rather than later. After all, it can be a nightmare having to drop and pick them off all the time from their mates if they can’t drive. And if they are out till late, you have to worry about how they are getting home. Also, it can limit them to jobs if they aren’t a driver. Therefore, it’s time to encourage them to drive to ensure they have their own transport. You might want to book them for a few lessons to get them started. Alongside this, you can take them out to allow them to get some practice in. Just make sure you are calm in the car. And invest in a break for the passenger side to ensure you can stop the car sharply if your child makes an error. Hopefully, your child will pass quite quickly and then you can head to the garage to find them their first vehicle!

Support them as they enter the dating scene

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when their kid decides to start dating. After all, they are still your child, so you don’t want them to get their heart broken. And you might not agree with their partner of choice which can make matters worse. But now they are a young adult, they are perfectly entitled to date. It’s a good idea to try and meet the suitor if you can. After all, it can enable you and your husband to see what they are like. But try and not interfere when it comes to their dating life. Advise them and support them if all goes wrong. But if you are supportive rather than judging, your young adult is more likely to open up about it to you!

And remember that it’s likely your young adult might not spend as much time with you now they have reached adulthood. Don’t try and force them to spend time with you and your other half. Just arrange family events and activities and ask them along. That way, they are more likely to come if they don’t feel like they are being pressured!

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