Meccano Multi Models Review

Lochlan has always had an interest in building things, so when he was given the opportunity to review some Meccano, he jumped at the chance! As he is aged 11, he was sent a set called Multi Models, it is suitable from ages 8 to 88, so we can all have some fun… This is … Read more

Options – Not the Chocolate Drink!

Xene as Luna Lovegood- Not her usual School attire! Xene is approaching that age where she has to decide which GCSE options she is going to take, and that is quite a scary thought, she said to me yesterday, but what if I choose the wrong ones!Which made me think about my own career path … Read more

Disney Princess Magic Wand Game

Eowyn is slightly obsessive on anything Disney, from Mickey Mouse to the Princesses, so when we were given the opportunity to review The Magic Wand Game, she was VERY excited. Although the game is from aged 3+, Eowyn is only one month from hitting the magic game playing age, plus she has two big sisters … Read more

John Crane have Sevi Hooray

For those of you that are familiar with John Crane Toys, you will know how absolutely adorable their toys are, well, they have just got better! With the introduction of Sevi… Sevi spans almost two centuries in  its devotion to wood, beginning in the 1920s Sevi excited the local market with small hand made masterpieces. It … Read more

Wife In The Fast Lane!

Cupcake company Greens carried out research about women and men and how they spend their time.. it makes for interesting reading…. – One in three women have no ‘me’ time I suppose it depends on each person’s own perception of `me’ time, as a mum of six, my needs come quite low down as a priority, … Read more

School Photo Day!

A few weeks ago we got `the letter’ telling us that 2nd November would be individual and family photographs at school from 8.50am. Now for those of you that have got children at school, this may not be a problem, but for our household it causes somewhat of a nightmare.  Xene, now aged thirteen has … Read more