The Olympics

Thank you to Jen at My Mummys Pennies  for tagging me in her post and passing the Olympic torch onto Hex Mum, and thanks to Lou from Bloggomy who started this fun meme. My husband has been very involved with the Torch Relay, being responsible for its journey through parts of Suffolk, so it seems like … Read more

G-Nappies Just Great

As you all know we started using reusable nappies at the beginning of the year, and I have to say, I wished I had made the change years ago, no longer does Tyrus have a red sore bottom and I really don’t notice the extra bit of washing, especially as the machine seems to be … Read more

Hello Canvas Review

When Xene was born over 14 years ago, we didn’t have a digital camera, so we used to send the film off and have lots of photos sent back, as time went on and we added more children to the Clan, we upgraded to the didgital camera and now my entire computer is filled with … Read more

Sorelle – A Tasty Alternative to Fizzy Pop!

As you will all probably know I am not really a drinker, many years have been spent either pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore alcohol has been very far down on my list of things to consume. However, when we have people over for a meal, I always feel a little self-coscious that they are all sat … Read more

Radio Rebel on tonight

As you will all know my children love Disney in one form or another, the girls especially love their original movies, so they were very excited to learn that another one was about to be aired, this time starring the ever popular Debby Ryan. DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIE, RADIO REBEL, STARRING DEBBY RYAN SET TO … Read more

What’s Up With Jody Barton ? Book Review

“I’m about to let you into a huge secret, one that even my twin sister doesn’t know about. Its epically messing with my brain.” WHAT’S UP WITH JODY BARTON? is a book to be talked about, but also NOT to be talked about, it really is a tricky one. You see, once you’ve read it, … Read more

Chicken Pox !

Last week I was sitting in a Preschool Committee meeting and Eowyn was being extremely grumpy and sad.Halfway through the meeting she needed the toilet, whilst helping her to adjust her skirt I noticed a rather angry looking spot….There was a big sign up saying a case of Chicken pox had been reported, so off … Read more