#OreoCookieQuest Challenge

Have you heard about the #OreoCookieQuest ? If you are a fan of Oreos, grab one of their promotional packs in shops at the moment with details of their Cookie Quest. Oreo is celebrating The Great Oreo Cookie Quest a fun and interactive way to win great prizes. Oreo fans also have the opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime wonder-filled trip to California and the Googleplex through an on-pack promotion.

My children ADORE Oreos! Tyrus aged 6 has a very limited diet, but he loves Oreos (so long as they have no broken edges) so I love the fact that he has a snack that he will actually eat when we are out and about.

So when Brit Mums challenged us to have our own joyful family moment, I had dreams of Treasure hunts in the woods or a quick trip to the beach, however I wasn’t counting on having more snow!

So instead Kaide and Eowyn had a joyful family moment playing on the games console together, and believe me if you had witnessed the way these two have been winding each other up lately, you would be amazed at the pair of them actually getting along and playing nicely! (with a little help from an Oreo each)

It is so important for the children to get out and about, they love playing on their games consoles or watching films, but they are just as happy being out and about, especially since getting Merrie the Newfoundland Puppy.

“This post is an entry for BritMums #OreoCookieQuest, sponsored by Oreo

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