Most One Year Olds Don’t need Follow on or Toddler Milk!

As most of you know if you have followed me for a while or have read my bio, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, I have successfully breastfed all of my seven children and I also help other mums with this, but I am by no means the breastapo and I know from experience that some ladies genuinely cannot breastfeed, so I tend to steer clear of any posts relating to such matters, but today I saw something that made me want to speak out!

Today as I was browsing through the book of face, I saw a picture of Stage 4 Growing up milk reduced from £5.36 to 50p, on a bargains group, the entire feed went into the whole breast is best vs artificial is just as good, which I am proud to say I had absolutely nothing to do with, but I did reply…

“Toddlers don’t need growing up milk/follow on milk. Full fat cows milk has all the nutrients they need, these milks are extremely high in sugars and may cause teeth decay”

And went on my merry way, when I came back from collecting Xene from college I had lots of notifications that people had liked my post, in fact, as we speak my post is still at the top of the list with the likes and comments.

A couple of people gave examples how the milk had helped them for a short period of time, one with constipation, another whose baby didn’t take to fresh milk, I appreciate that every situation is different, but the fact still remains, these companies are charging extortionate amounts of money and insinuating that Follow on Milk or Growing up Milk (however they like to sell it) must be given to toddlers when in fact


It is extremely high in sugar causing tooth decay or weight gain and it doesn’t have any extra miracle ingredients, so if you are considering buying this mlk, THINK TWICE

That is all xx


2 thoughts on “Most One Year Olds Don’t need Follow on or Toddler Milk!”

  1. Well done you for setting the record straight. It drives me mad the way companies market follow-on milk as being something that toddlers need when it is really just a way for them to make money (and get around the whole not-being-allowed-to-advertise-infant-formula situation. I didn’t realise it was quite so high in sugar though so have learned something new.


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