One On The Way: Helping Your Home Accommodate a Growing Family

Finding out that you have a little one on the way is one of the most exciting moments for anyone. Whether you’re a new parent or already have little ones waiting to become big brothers or sisters. But the revelation can also cause a little bit of stress. Another one on the way means another child under your roof, and not everyone has the extra space readily available to them. Try to minimize your worries. Firstly, you have months to prepare for this new arrival. Secondly, stress isn’t good for the baby. So sit back, kick up your feet and start planning your next moves.

Do I want to move home?

This is the first decision that you have to make. Moving home when pregnant isn’t the easiest of tasks. Once you find your new home, you will have to bring in a lot of extra help with lifting and packing. It’s an exhausting process. If you already have children, you might also want to avoid changing their schools and moving them away from their friendship groups. If you do want to up and leave, then that’s fine, and you may well find the perfect space for bringing up your little one comfortably. However, if you don’t want to move, remember that there are always alternatives.

Conversions and Extensions

If you decide to stay in your current abode, you might like to consider conversions and extensions. These are processes that, if effectively managed, could be complete in time for your new-born’s arrival. Some might worry about the building costs and who can blame them? The arrival of a baby is already such an expensive affair! But not to worry. This is where personal loans such as Loans 4 U come in handy. Not everyone is as organized as to have plenty of savings placed aside. For such individuals, lending is often the best option, as the process is relatively fast and provides cash for work on the house. You can then pay the lender back in smaller instalments over time. It’s a win-win situation. You are relieved of stress, and your home will be more spacious in no time.


With kids come a lot of belongings. Clothes, toys, books, high chairs. The list goes on. It’s not difficult to see how your home can easily become chaotic if all of these things are sprawled across the living space. Make sure that your home has plenty of storage options to avoid painful trips on dumper trucks and the dreaded situation of stepping on Lego. Toy chests take up little space but will clear up floors of seemingly endless dolls and teddies, so are a sound investment. Consider investing in a shed in your garden too. Tricycles, bicycles and other outdoor toys can then be safely locked away without rolling dirt into your beloved carpets and cramping precious space. A secure shed will mean they are safe and sound from potential thieves, as well as being out of the elements.

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