Old El Paso Review

I’m not an amazing cook, but I get by, the children aren’t too fussy (except maybe the eldest!) and will eat most things I put in front of them.

Being a large, busy household, many of our meals are dictated by time taken to prepare and cook, so when I was given the opportunity to review some meal kits from Old El Paso, we said “Yes Please”







The first meal kit we tried was the Chilli & Garlic One Pan Rice Meal, it only takes 20 minutes and you just add Chicken, an onion, a red and yellow pepper and thats it! In 20 minutes we went from this…


To this..


It was very tasty, ALL of the children ate it, the only negative was that there wasn’t enough!! Next time we make it, we will have to buy two packets, but that it quite normal in our household, as the children grow, their portions are larger than mine..

The following week we made the Extra Mild Super Tasty one, which they liked, but not as much as the Chili one (they are used to spicier foods).

Old El Paso Kits have become a firm favourite in the Morrison household, and they also do Larger Family Kits (yes some of us do need a kit for more than four people).

We regularly tuck into Mild Chicken Fajitas or Tacos.

For more information on all of the products in the Old El paso Range, head over here

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