Now I Know Your Secret Boys!

Chores in our house are quite simple, I wash the clothes, put them into piles and the children put them away.

Up until now the girls never seem to quite get everything out away, there are always cardigans hanging on backs of doors or chairs and the drawers are always full.

The boys, however, always seem to put theirs away in record time and with great efficiency….

Yesterday I decided it was time to sort out the bedrooms, we are having a toy and book sale at school next month and I thought it was about time we had a sort out.

However, on entering the boys bedroom all looked quite tidy, there were quite a few Pokemon, Bakugan, Yu-giOh cards all over the floor, until, that is I started to open the drawers!!

They have specific drawers for each type of clothes, top drawer long sleeve tops, second drawer short sleeve tops, third drawer Jeans, Fourth drawer trousers and shorts, fifth drawer pants and socks and the bottom drawer has jumpers, this is the way i have always done it, so they know EXACTLY where everything goes.

As I opened the first drawer an array of clothing jumped out at me, (literally, jumped at me) not just the boys clothes, but some of the girls, a few of my missing socks!! Even some of Asa’s clothing….

Each drawer told the same story, they have been stuffing every item of clothing in any space going…
Not only in the drawers, but I found random items of clothing in the Lego box, in Lochie’s pencil case, under their piles of teddies, in fact every nook and cranny of that bedroom was filled with clothing, no wonder they only seem to wear the same clothes, its because they have no idea where the rest are!!

So, not only did I spend the entire afternoon sorting through books and toys, I also rearranged all of their drawers with the correct clothes and threatened them with permanent nudity!!!

No longer will I complain about the girls few items of clothing on the back of the chair!!!

Please, someone reassure me that boys get tidier with age…

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