Nine Months On, Nine Months Off

Well, that’s what they say but ITS A LIE !!!
Now, don’t get me wrong, with Xene I was back in my jeans within three days, Lochie it took two weeks, Neva one month, Kaide six weeks, Eowyn three months, and finally Tyrus – well I am heavier now than at nine months pregnant, which for me is a BIG deal.
Only 10 more days until Tyrus is nine months old and I am nowhere near my ideal weight, shape, toned body. So it is time to get SERIOUS.

On Saturday I shall be starting the fabulous Mutu, so today and tomorrow I shall begin reading the manual and get rid of all of the junk food in the house, I would love to say that I have the willpower to keep the sweets and treats in the house, just for the children, but I know my weaknesses….

The hardest challenge will be cutting out fizzy drinks and taking a picture of me with minimal clothes on, as I have tended to opt for the baggy jumper look lately.

I am not happy in myself with the weight that I am carrying and the way that I look, so onwards and upwards, feel free to follow me on my 12 week journey to gorgeousness (I hope !) If there are any mummies out there about to embark on the course, please let me know, its always nice to do something with another person.

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