NEW Peppa Pig Advert and Toys equals a Happy Tyrus!

Tyrus has been a HUGE Peppa Pig fan for quite a long time. He loves watching her on catch up tv, and my planner has about 30 epsidoes stored, not to mention complete series that are watched on the kindle!

We have the complete playground,the car, the school, the garage, the museum, you get the idea! Thank goodness Eowyn looked after her Peppa Pig toys, so that Tyrus and Viggo can enjoy them too.

So when we heard that there was a new advert showing with news of some new Peppa Pigs toys coming soon, we thought that we would share the advert with you.

I sense a Jet and an ice cream truck on a birthday list for a certain little boy!

If you have a Peppa Pig fan like me, and you would like to win an entire set of the Peppa Pig Holiday Collection, then head over to UK Mums TV for an amazing competition.

Good Luck Everyone xxx

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