Never Can Say Goodbye!

Don’t worry, I am not talking about the Jackson Five/ Communards Song, and I have no intention of singing…

It’s about my inability to say goodbye to my husband. I don’t mean each day that he goes to work, or Rugby, but any other time.
He has gone to a conference in Bridlington today, which means an overnight stop, and I HATE it!
He only goes away a maximum of three times a year, but I have been like it ever since he started doing it ten years ago…
Not the actual being away or coping with the six children, but its the actual giving him a hug and a kiss before he leaves, it reduces me to tears everytime, from about 24 hours before he leaves I feel sick, when I think about it, as soon as he goes to hug me prior to leaving the house I become a blubbering mess,once he has gone and I am back looking after the children, its not a problem…
I take my hat off to all of those couples whose other half works away, I just couldn’t do it….
So, am I a freak of nature or does anyone else have the same problem ?

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