I NEED some Bigger Appliances!

I was at a birthday party on Thursday and one of the mums said to me “How on earth do you cook for nine people every night ?” I must admit I have never really thought about it, every two or three years we have just added another plate and portion !

The one thing that would definitely make my life easier is one of the  Panasonic American fridge freezers, I try to buy all of our food in bulk, but I always struggle with enough room to put the chilled and frozen goods.

If I happen to time it right at the supermarket and there are numerous products reduced in price I will obviously try to get what I can, but sometimes freezer space is an issue.

Last week Asa went to the local Co-op and bought £95 of food for less than £20, most of which was suitable for freezing, but it was certainly a logistical nightmare trying to fit it all into our freezer. He also said that there was plenty more food available, but he didn’t think we would be able to store any more!

Apart from the amount of storage space one of these would provide for me, it also has my favourite addition – a child lock!! I go to my kitchen so often to find that one of the little uns has left the fridge or freezer door open, all kitchen gadgets should have one.

viggo washing machine

Next on the list would be a larger Washing machine, with nine lots of clothes, as well as a muddy rugby kit three times a week,means LOTS of washing. You can now get washing machines that can take 11kg of clothes, which is nearly twice the amount mine takes at the moment, and if I had that then I would love a 10kg tumble dryer, for when the weather is bad. Both with child locks obviously!!

Our dishwasher seems to constantly be washing, so I would love one that can take 15 place settings, which would be enough for the days when the children are at school, and would mean I only had to put it on once per day. Do they do these with child locks too

I have a double oven at present, but I would really love a range cooker which would give me a little bit more room, most of my friends say they only need a larger oven at christmas when they have both sets of parents over – plus them and their two children, making a total of eight, one less than my normal mealtimes!!

Don’t get me started on Christmas Dinner, that is usually a minimum of twelve, but usually more like sixteen…

My slow cooker at present is 6.5 litres, but I noticed yesterday that there is now an 8 litre option, so I may have to invest in one of those shortly as I realised when I dished up last weeks stew and dumplings, that there was only just enough for everyone, I forget how much the boys now eat!!

What about you, is there any appliance that you can’t do without or would like to increase the size of ?

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