Nearly Time for the Ghosts and Ghouls!

As Halloween falls outside of the school holidays this year, many of the places to visit are holding their Halloween celebrations early, so that everyone can enjoy them during half term.

We have a couple of local places that are holding family friendly events, Pleasurewood Chills is taking place at our local theme park, or the famous Glowing Lantern Parade at Bewilderwood, the children are already planning a busy half term!

They also love nothing more than dressing up, so they look for any excuse to wear a costume, in fact the older ones are going to Comic Con on 29th, so they are also looking at costumes for that, as well as any attractions we visit during the week. We have a vast array of costumes, in fact we have an entire wardrobe dedicated to them! With so many children, we do sometimes recycle the costumes, but as they all seem to be growing at a rapid rate, I do have to keep purchasing new ones!


There are some amazing Halloween Costumes available, so I think the children will have their usual struggle with what to choose from. Asa and I were having the conversation last night that dressing up for Halloween has moved away from just being ghosts and witches, nowadays it could just as easily be a Disney princess knocking on your door for Trick or Treating, and I suspect people will be avoiding clowns this year (well I hope so as I have never really been a fan of them anyway)

So far, we have a character from Overwatch, one from Gravity Falls and a Disney princess, Viggo wants to be Pikachu!

Do your children dress up for Halloween, are they traditional costumes, or random like my children are doing this year ?




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