5 Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair

Today i’m talking Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair. When I was a teen I had a good head of hair, I would chop and change my style from long to short, every couple of months, as it grew so quickly that I never worried if it was a bit short, and the colour changed from brown to blonde, to red and back to blonde again!

I’ve also noticed that Asa is going quite thin on top and although he isn’t too bothered about it, there seem to be a much greater choice of supplements available to treat male pattern baldness such as Dutasteride than anything available for women, which is why these natural remedies are being discussed.

It was only after I had given birth to Xene that I started to notice that I was losing quite a bit of hair, it was probably more noticeable because I had gotten such a good, thick head of hair whilst pregnant, I thought it was just one of those pre-pregnancy things, after looking it up in a book (internet wasn’t as easy to connect to 22 years ago!), and them advising that the pregnancy glow can increase hair volume, but this may disappear once baby arrives.

Within two years I had my bouncing baby boy, so I just thought it was the fact that my hair hadn’t had enough time to recover, but with each pregnancy my hair has got thinner, and I am always getting the blame for blocking the shower with my hair!

Viggo is now seven and my hair still isn’t much better, I have resorted to having it cut shorter, as the longer it got, the more wispy bits I had to deal with falling out of my ponytail.

Now that we are in the age of google, I have been researching ways to get thicker hair, obviously I could go for the medical route of hair transplant,  but I think that may be a little drastic just yet, so here are the recommended natural remedies for thicker hair, let me know if you have any others


  • EGGS 

Well with 20 chickens I get plenty of those, but i’m not quite sure I want to risk putting egg on my head, my luck the water will be too hot and I will end up with a scrambled egg head!!

  • Olive Oil 

Not just for my salad, but will it thicken my hair or just make me look like I have oiled my head!

  • Avocado 

Mixed with banana and oil, sounds more like we are going to make a smoothie!

  • Fenugreek Seeds 

I’ve used those to increase breastmilk, so I can see why it would be a good choice for hair, this one sounds a little more plausible, now just need to find the local herbal shop

  • Castor Oil 

I remember the older generation talking about a spoonful of castor oil, but apparently it is good mixed with Coconut Oil to encourage thicker hair.

So, there we have it, some weird and wonderful ways to give me thicker hair, have you tried any of them, did they work, or am I just destined to have baby fine hair for the rest of my days ?

Having thick hair can sometimes cause problems, especially if you have a child that likes bubblegum and blu tac, they have a tendency to get it stuck, if this happens check out How To remove Blu tac from hair


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