Nan would have loved these funky Premier bathrooms

Its been twenty two years since my ‘nanny on her own’, ( poor Nan, when I think about it now, what a terrible name to be called! I think it was just because my other grandparents were nanny and grandad, so as a young child it made perfect sense) suffered with a dodgy hip, I vividly remember her proudly showing me the new high toilet seat that she had been given by the occupational therapist, it was white plastic and when I sat on it I couldn’t touch the ground!

The next step was to remove her bath and turn the bathroom into a ‘wet room’, as a teenager I remember thinking, all they have really done is rip out the bath and put some tiles on the floor and put up a shower and a curtain! That is exactly what it looked like, but it did the job, and my nan was able to wash without getting stuck in the bath!

Fast forward to 2016 and OMG she would have LOVED the new Premier Bathrooms, not only are they extremely accessible, (both walk in showers and walk in baths) but they look super funky.

premier bathroom wet room
Now that is a wet room!

At the moment, ‘Big Nanny’ (formerly nanny and grandad, and now great grandma, but the children thought it sounded better than ‘old nanny’ ) is suffering from painful knees and a bad back, so I immediately thought her love of baths would have to be swapped for a shower, but then I was introduced to the walk in bath, this sounds perfect for her, in fact I could probably do with one in my house throughout the rugby season, it may save my back when I have to assist Asa getting out of the bath after a particularly gruelling match!

She loves having a bath and I do agree that it seems to work better for aches and pains than a shower, which is better for waking me up before the school run!

premier bathroom walk in bath

Not only are they perfect for mobility problems, but they have a lifetime guarantee on their seal, so no worries about leaks! They come in various sizes so even someone with a small bathroom may be able to have one, they can also have Hydrovescent spa massage, Chromotherapy and StayWarm Heated Seat and Back Rest, so in essence they are even better than my own bath.

I really cannot believe how much accessible bathrooms have changed in what I think is quite a short amount of time, who knows where we will be by the time I will require a walk in bath or shower.

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