Mutu Begins

As you all know I have begun the 12 week Mutu System , so I threw out all junk food and read the manual, to begin Saturday….

This was probably THE hardest part, actually having a photo of myself, as I am not one for appearing in photos, but I thought this might keep me motivated!!
My Mutu System Measurements
Weight                    10 stone
Chest                     38″
Waist                     33″
Hips                       38″
Thigh                     22″
Arm                       11″
Diastasis                   2
Midline Strength    Deep/Weak
I am the heaviest that I have ever been and although many people would say I am not big, in myself I feel too big, I am only 5ft 2, with a fairly small frame, so this, for me is far too big.
Two Days In
I have not had a fizzy drink since Friday, my one cup of tea limit per day, I thought would be really hard, but actually it hasn’t been a problem, although it is only two days!! I am beginning to tolerate glasses of water, but I now need to up my exercise routine, so I shall be aiming to do either Just Dance 3 or the Body Workout on Kinect at least three times per week, although ideally every day – if I get time!

6 thoughts on “Mutu Begins”

  1. Hi Mandi, What a brave begining! I sincerely wish you all the very best with your goals. I too am “nearly” the heaviest I’ve ever been with four children. I have fought a battle with my weight for twelve years winning some years and failing the next. My weight is totally unacceptable at the current time. I’m hoping that I might join you in your journey and share success/failures. Keep up the great work!

  2. Go for it Mandi! you and your babies are beautiful (to be honest, you’re looking great after having 6 babies!) It will only get better and feel better as you get your Mutu on! Best of luck to you xx

  3. hi mandi! i am on day 9 of the mutu system and despite having a great first week with both food and exercise, this week i have been slacking off abit with the daily exercise. Its good to see someone blogging their journey as you’ve given a kick up the backside to keep going.I am alternating walking one day with Just Dance 3 the next day. As i haven’t done any exercise today, i think il crack out Just Dance later thanks to your blog 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, your doing well, keep it up!!

    • Thankyou for the support and good luck with your Mutu xx
      I shall also be Just Dancing tonight, and probably have sympathetic glances from my 8 year old and 13 year old girls when they completely smash my score!!


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