Morrisons Nutmeg Range Reviewed by The Morrisons

We thought it was only fair to tell you all about the range of school clothing at Morrisons – as it’s such a great name!! Only kidding, it’s not just about the name, we were very fortunate to be chosen as one of ten bloggers to review their Nutmeg School Uniform range, which I have to say didn’t disappoint!

Here is what they have to say about Nutmeg

We think what makes Nutmeg a bit different is the thoughtful details. Knowing there’s nothing worse than a tickly label, all the clothes (school and non-school) are free from rough, itchy or tickly labels. And all jackets, tops and t-shirts are made from super soft fabrics for all day comfort. DIY is a big theme in the collection – where there’s a zip, they’re big and chunky so kids can do them up themselves and trousers have adjustable waistbands, designed to be easily pulled up and perfect for growth spurts.

This sentence I can totally agree with Neva is THE most fussy girl about itchiness, she only has a few tops that she will actually wear because they are comfortable. Eowyn is at the independent stage, just about to start Big School and needs to do everything herself, so big and chunky is a dream come true. Kaide, although the eldest in his class, he is the smallest, so adjustable waist stops him from having the ‘boxers on display teen look’ permanently.

We were asked to choose an entire school outfit for Eowyn and Neva, including Polo Shirt, Skirt or Trousers, cardigan or Jumper, socks, and plimsolls.
They also have a fabulous range of stationery items, so we could choose some of these to review too.

Neva has always been a trouser girl, but Eowyn decided on a skirt, i dread to think how many scraped knees she will come home with, but we shall see!

 I was really impressed with the price tags, especially as I have five school uniforms to purchase this year, and I have to say the quality of the clothing is really good, with no itchy labels and easy to adjust waistbands, its definitely worth considering for your school uniform choices.

The choice of stationery items is also very impressive, so for those we asked the older children who are experts at school requirements and we chose a Project Book, lever Arch File and Zebra grip pens. Neva is a leftie and has real trouble finding pens that are suitable for her, i am pleased to announce that these ones are “just great, and easy to write with!”

And here are my two daughters modelling their latest school uniform….

Their verdict:
This uniform is really cool and it doesn’t have itchy bits (neva aged 10)
I want to wear these socks and black shoes ALL day (Eowyn aged 4 discovering plimsolls!!)

As a mum of six, nearly seven children I think this uniform is good value for money and both girls seem equally impressed which is quite an achievement as they both have fussy tastes, I would give it a big thumbs up!


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