#MorningStories With The Morrisons!!

The Morrisons


Can you imagine getting this lovely bunch ready in the morning ?

95% of the mornings everyone is at school on time, with the right lunchbox and their homework diaries signed, there are the occasional mishaps – lost book bag, hidden water bottle etc but more often than not we get there!!


Well, the alarm goes off at 6.45am, I am the first one down the stairs, I make myself and the older children a cup of tea, I have five minutes peace and quiet (apart from the cockerels crowing) and then the day begins!!

The three oldest children are pretty good, they get up, shower and make their way downstairs.

Kaide and Eowyn need a little bit more encouragement!!

Tyrus and Viggo are left as late as possible, it’s so much easier when they are both sleeping….

There are a couple of tricks I have found that make life easier

~ Make their sandwiches the night before and put them in the fridge

~ Lay their entire uniform out the night before, including pants/knickers, socks/tights and especially shoes!

~Make drink/water bottles the night before and keep them in the fridge.

~Label everything!!

~With so many children requiring school uniform, I now have a dedicated wardrobe, just for school uniform, with a section for each child, it is much easier than trying to work out which polo shirt is Eowyn’s and why is Kaide wearing Lochlan’s shirt !!

And whatever happens, never ever turn the television on in the morning, it stops them all doing anything!!

With so many to get ready, I am always bottom of the priority list, I am lucky if I get a chance to brush my teeth!! (Although the dentist recommends I do it about 10am when all the children are out of the house, so I can give them the attention they deserve!!)

But the one thing I can’t seem to go without these days is breakfast, so I was beyond ecstatic when I discovered Belvita Breakfast biscuits, they are very tasty, quick to eat and come in little individual packets, meaning they won’t dry out or become soft!

Xene often takes a packet in her lunchbox to nibble at break.

I was kindly sent some Belvita Biscuits to help kickstart my morning, my favourite ones are still the Milk and Cereal, even after tasting the new Cocoa Biscuits with Creamy Live Yoghurt and the Fruit and Fibre.

belvita choc yog belvita fruit and fibre belvita milk and cereal


I am not saying that a packet of Belvita Breakfast biscuits will freeze time and ensure you are always at school on time, but they certainly give me a morning boost….

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