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Celebrating their 50th Birthday this year and with approximately 30 million babies having felt the closeness and security of a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier, BabyBjörn is proud to present their latest edition to their family of baby carriers, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle.
The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle is designed fit your newborn baby (minimum 3,5kg,) perfectly from day one. The baby carrier’s waist belt and lumbar support offers superior comfort for you too– right from newborn to approx. 15th months.
The BABYBJÖRN Miracle baby carrier allows you to vary the position of the baby carrier at every stage, and the `tape measure’ facility allows it to even grow with your baby. Carry your newborn close to your heart – high up on your chest and facing you – providing that essential closeness whilst at the same time allowing you supervision of your baby’s breathing. When carrying an older child you can position the baby carrier lower down on your hips to transfer weight away from your shoulders…as with all BabyBjörn carriers, when  your baby is about 5 months old and wants to see whats going on around them you can face them outwards.



SUPERIOR COMFORT. Ergonomic waist belt and adjustable design provide optimal comfort while your child grows. Easy adjustments, made front the front, transfer the weight between hips and shoulders.

PROVIDES ESSENTIAL CLOSENESS AND BONDING. Carry your newborn child high up on your chest and facing you, close to the comforting sound of your voice and heartbeat
I have always been a huge fan of BabyBjörn and have used their carriers with all of my children. So when I was kindly given the new Miracle Baby Carrier to review I was very excited at the prospect, I had heard such good things about it and I am very pleased to announce that it has certainly lived up to its reputation and has exceeded my expectations.
Tyrus at aged six weeks is still in need of the closeness of mum, so I find that he spends most of the day in the Carrier, which is not a problem due to the design of the Miracle, it has great padding on the hip area and the comfortable back support means that I do not get a backache, regardless of how long I am carrying Tyrus around, it is easy to adjust if I feel there is too much weight on my shoulders, I just adjust it so that more weight is distributed elsewhere.
I am able to prepare dinner, load the washing machine, unstack the dishwasher, in fact there is nothing that I have yet found unable to do whilst holding him in the sling.
It feels very luxurious and Tyrus immediately falls asleep whenever I put him in, if I then need to put him down, the Carrier is so easy to take him out of, he stays fast asleep.
I love the fact that I can take Tyrus in and out by myself and my teenage daughter is also able to carry him in it, without any trouble, because it is so easy to adjust.
It is also convenient when we are out walking, especially if we find ourselves somewhere that is difficult to take a pram, I can just put him in the Carrier and also have two hands free to hold onto the other children.
It has all the usual fantastic BabyBjörn extras, such as the instructions for use inside and a size guide on the inner part so that you know which height to have it at, dependent on the length of your baby.
I absolutely love this Carrier and I would recommend it to any new parent, and I can see that this will be used constantly for the next couple of months and beyond.
For more information on this fantastic carrier, please visit  BabyBjörn
Mandi and Tyrus showing off the Miracle Baby Carrier


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