Mickey and Friends Plasters A huge hit!

Elastoplast have introduced a new pack, which includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.

Now as all of you know Eowyn is a HUGE Mickey and Minnie fan, so we were eager to give the plasters a go, and knowing how lively Eowyn and Kaide are, I knew it wouldn’t be too long until one of them would be on hand to give the plasters a thorough testing!!

As you can imagine with six children and a rugby playing husband, we have quite an extensive first aid box, with all sorts of plasters and bandages.
Over the years I have learnt that cheap plasters are not very cost effective, they may be cheap to purchase, but they only stay on grazed knees minutes before they fall off, making for false economy because you go through them three times as fast!!

First to try out the plasters was Eowyn, she fell and grazed her elbow, whilst being a fairy!

We decided to take the plasters on holiday with us to Butlins `just in case’ surprise, surprise on our second day of swimming, Kaide slipped over and grazed both his knee and ankle, the dressing the first aider gave us was replaced very quickly by Mickey and Friends, not only were they the perfect size for quite a large scrape on his knee, but they looked cool and funky too.

The plasters RRP is £2.60 for 16 plasters, which I think is actually good value for money, considering how long they stay on for. They can be purchased at most high street retailers.
For more information on their products, you can visit www.elastoplast.co.uk 

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