Megalicious Shakes – THE answer for fussy eaters!

When Xene was a toddler, she used to eat EVERYTHING, but the older she got, the more fussy she became, this carried on for quite a few years and I did worry about how much food she was having, luckily she loved fruit and some vegetables so she always hit the right weight on the healthy chart.

At the age of 17 she is still quite limited on the foods that she likes, but she is always willing to try something new,and if she doesn’t like our meal, she can always cook herself something else.

Tyrus aged 4 is a very different story, he eats very little, he doesn’t like any food that has a wet consistency or texture and would happily live on dry crackers and chocolate!

I have spoken to the healthy weight team and they have said that this is quite a common occurrence in someone like Tyrus, and `normal’ eating rules are very difficult to follow.

When Healthier Drinks Co asked if we would like to try some of their megalicious shakes I was very keen to give them a try, Tyrus loves milkshake and one 100ml drink didn’t sound too hard to get in him!


The pack that we were sent contained a packet of Strawberry flavour milkshake and Banana milkshake, two funky scoops and a fabulous whizzer which Tyrus found AMAZING!


Priced at £15.99 the starter pack provides you with 28 drinks (14 of each flavour) both packs are resealable and they both smelled very fruity and true to their fruit.

megalicious shake


I found this chart on the website really interesting and it certainly made me feel happier that just one milkshake could provide Tyrus with 17 essential Vitamins and Minerals.

But I guess the real test is what Tyrus thought, well he would stand and whizz his milkshake all day if I let him and probably cover the walls in it too (its quite powerful) but he did drink about half of the first one I made him and he said “mmm tasty and delicious”” so for Tyrus that is a HUGE compliment.

Since then we have used them when he hasn’t had a good eating day at school, and Eowyn also had one on a day she hadn’t felt well and wanted something cold to drink (she didn’t need to know I was giving her something healthy!)

If you have a fussy eater and would like to try Megalicious shakes I have a fabulous code that gives you 20% discount at the checkout so head over to  and enter hexmum20 at the checkout to receive your discount

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  • Lucy

    December 7, 2015 at 8:39 am

    These look great, I might get some for Charlie as he is still fussy at 16 😉

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