Meccano Multi Models Review

Lochlan has always had an interest in building things, so when he was given the opportunity to review some Meccano, he jumped at the chance!
As he is aged 11, he was sent a set called Multi Models, it is suitable from ages 8 to 88, so we can all have some fun…
This is what the website says about the kit
“Build 7 different models including a cool quad with suspensions and steering wheels. Contains detailed building instructions for 4 models. Building instructions for the 3 other models are available at one model can be built at a time. Tools included. Contains 190+ parts.”
Lochie decided to attempt the car, as shown on the box.

He began by tipping out the packet containing 190 pieces, which was not very clever, we spent the next five minutes rescuing pieces from the floor!

Lochlan retrieved all of the pieces and set to work….

As you can see, lots of pieces to challenge his thinking! 

I was surprised at the concentration Lochlan showed whilst making the car, it is unusual for him to sit still that long, unless he is really engrossed in something.

The length of time he sat even surprised Tyrus, in the highchair next to him! Or was it just the fact he has thrown all of his toys off of his highchair…

The furrowed brow is showing just how hard he is concentrating, not quite sure where Tyrus’s highchair tray has gone either!

Not many pieces left until it is completed, I could not believe how long he sat there for, with the occasional piece of assistance from dad, who avoided the photographs.
Nearly there, just got to attach the wheels and check its all secure…

just adding the finishing touches and there we have it, a fully completed meccano car.
Although aged 8-88 I would think that a child aged 8 would struggle to build any of the models by themselves, Lochlan enjoyed the building process, but did require help at certain parts, from dad!
Some of the pieces are very tiny, so I would imagine that the older generation may require their glasses, in fact his grandad visited whilst Lochlan was building and struggled to locate the pieces for him.
With so many models to build in the same set, I would definitely recommend this set for any Meccano fan, especially for Christmas, there are endless opportunities for making the models and designing your own.
My husband also commented on the set as he is famous for never following instructions, so the fact that there are enough pieces to make your own models was perfect for him, and I am sure he and Lochlan will have many hours of entertainment, trying to outdo the other persons model!

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