Meccano Corvette Review

Kaide and Lochlan were sent a fab Meccano Corvette Set to try out, I thought it would be a lovely bonding session for the two of them, but I should have known better!

Meccano Corvette Box

As you can see 279 pieces and for ages 10+, but after numerous attempts to get the boys to actually sit down together and concentrate long enough to work together, was not possible, so guess who got left to do it! Good old mum and dad, but in all honesty, Asa struggled with the small pieces and his rather large hands, so I have been left with the task of completing it!

Meccano Corvette 279 parts

I will finally get round to completing the entire car, but for all of you who would like to see the finished product, here is what it will eventually look like. ( I am not one to give up and it WILL be completed, just not this week!)

Meccano Corvette Completed

Priced at £29.99, It is a good price for such an intricate piece of tech, but I would definitely ensure the person you are buying it for is able to sit for quite a long period of time to complete it, this may suit the mums and dads better!

Some other bloggers had much more success than us..(although a couple of them made the car themselves, so I am right in my description that it is better suited to adults – preferably one that has more hours in the day than I do!)

Two Little Paines

The Brick Castle

Bakes Books & My Boys

Have you got any Meccano sets, have you had better luck at completing it than me!


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  • Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    July 28, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    It’;s a 10+ set and my partner built most of it too because It’s really complex in parts and a great challenge – but you do need to have the time to do it. Gorgeous when it’s finished though – it’s on the shelf just here 😀 Thanks for including a link to our review 🙂

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